Shrinker & Stretcher TWIN

Including two stands

Twin Shrinker Stretcher are foot operated and works so much better than that which is operated by hand. It will allow you better control when
shaping the plate. With the foot operated model you can work with both hands, holding the plate firmly and use a higher pressure on the foot.
These small Shrink & Stretch are sold in pairs so you do not need to change jaws. A device with a shrink and one with a stretch. A perfect tool for those who want to repair wheel arches, around windows and/or are in the ”Hobby” business. There is also a floorstand as an accessory, granting easy movement around your workshop.

Technical data

Steel up to 1 mm.
Will shape and bend with small radius of 25 mm.
Works well on ordinary plates. Aluminum and other soft materials.
Jaws are made of hardened tool steel for maximum durability.
Two heads, two stands. Not recommended for stainless steel.
Working depth: 25 mm. Height: 1100 mm.
Width: 160 mm. Depth: 700 mm.
Developed by the 1 year warranty