Magnetic Sheet Metal Brake

Unique Magnetic Sheet Metal Brake with properties for all materials.


With the Magnetic sheet metal brake, you can bend all the forms of conventional machines can't handle.

You can shape boxes, trays, round shapes, closed and deep channels.

Thanks to the thin head you are able to move freely in height, depth and width. You can let the plate stand out sideways without hinges blocking. When the plate is placed in the desired position, you lock it with the electromagnet and can then bend to desired angle.

With Magnetic sheet metal brake, you can bend sheet of any material and size, perfect for the production of special parts or as a supplement in the metal workshop. With the larger models of Magnetic sheet metal brake, you can also bend roofing products up to 3.2 meters. The smaller models of Magnetic can easily be placed on a pallet and moved between sites.


Model and Size:                          Price:

JS-625   mm max 1.6mm plate    
JS-1000 mm max 1,6mm plate     
JS-1250 mm max 1.6mm plate     
JS-2000 mm max 1.6mm plate     
JS-2500 mm max 1.6mm plate     
JS-3200 mm max 1.2mm plate    

Please contact us for pricing . This product is offered based on current US dollar exchange rate.