Shrinker & Stretcher PRO

Shrinker & Stretcher PRO is the groundbreaking 70 lbs unit that allows amateurs and professionals alike to shrink and stretch sheet-metal and aluminum into desired shape and form.
The secret behind this timesaving invention is that it allows you to shrink the edges of the piece you’re working with and reduce the time spent at the English wheel when it comes to semi-large details such as wheelhouses and MC-fenders. For instance, with a Shrink & Stretch PRO at your disposal , it will take you less than 30 minutes to create an inner wheelhouse for a classic car.

A working depth at 155 mm makes the Shrink & Stretch PRO a timesaving and cost effective addition to your workshop that will start paying for itself the minute you start using it. Or as we’d like to put it - Shrink & Stretch PRO shrinks the time you put into work, and stretch your possibilities.

Technical data

Working depth: 155 mm. Height: 1120 mm.
Width: 160 mm. Depth: 770 mm.
Developed by the 1 year warranty.