Unique Magnetic Sheet Metal Brake with properties for all materials.

With the Magnetic sheet metal brake, you can bend all the forms of conventional machines can't handle. You can shape boxes, trays, round shapes, closed and deep channels.
Thanks to the thin head you are able to move freely in height, depth and width. You can let the plate stand out sideways without hinges blocking. When the plate is placed in the desired position, you lock it with the electromagnet and can then bend to desired angle.

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Unique Bead Roller Machine

This machine is especially designed and constructed for producing thousands of different profiles in a sheet of steel or aluminum using only a few pair of wheels!
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Bead Rolls

Click for Bead Rolls
Click for Bead Rolls!

Made for a Bead Roller with around 50mm (2") between the shafts when they're parallel center to center shaft.

Fits all Bead Rollers or a machine with 20mm shafts



Now we have the wheel in the same high quality as our other tools.
The wheel has a very stable C-frame that makes it fast to work up the plate without having to turn up on the sandbag before. You can then shape the plate directly, which saves you both time and does a fine job!

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Courses in sheet metal forming!

Now we can also offer courses in sheet metal forming. Courses are intended for people who have strong interest in sheet metal forming,  no prior knowledge is needed.
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Shrink & Stretch PRO

Shrink & Stretch PRO is the this groundbreaking 70 lbs unit that allows amateurs and professionals alike to shrink and stretch sheetmetal and aluminium into desired shape and form.

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Very simple measurement tool to set toe in toe out within about 1 mm.

The first measures the leading edge of the tire so they put such a piece of tape then rolled up the car a half laps to be sure that you removed the roll of the rim or the tire since the rear when... Read more!




Twin Shrinker Stretcher are foot operated and works so much better than that which is manually operated.

It will allow you better control when to shape the plate.

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